Overloading Blocks Melbourne’s Traffic Network

Graham Currie, Monash University Public Transport Chair and Daniel Bowen, President of Public Transport Users’ Association said overloading railways and poor traffic system block Melbourne’s Traffic Network.

Professor Currie said the Melbourne’s railways have 100% growth in the past ten years. Now public transport has 40% of overloading in the peak, and that will get to 44% in five years.

The Victoria government will spend 2 billion dollars buying 38 new trains. “That would make a very little difference to overloading,” Currie said, “Because the 38 train just help us keep pace with the growth that is occurring.”

“The second (problem),” Mr. Bowen said, “It’s lack of services in so many areas, particularly middle and outer suburbs.”

Currie said poor traffic system make passengers change indirect routes many times to arrive destinations. Some buses finish by 10pm on weekdays and some do not run on Sunday.

Traffic will be twice as bad within 10 years. Streetcars will be slower and slower due to the traffic overcrowding.

Professor Currie said closing High Street, Victoria Street and Toorak Road halfway down and forbidding drive-through can make train attractive to take more passengers.


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