Pacific Solution for refugees in Australia: old policy, new situation

Andrew Robb, Liberal MP, said  the Party’s newest way to impede illegal-refugees entries is to use the Howard Government’s Pacific Solution and successful policies.

The current Australia Government has weakness on solving the illegal migration problem.

“The government is soft on adhering to laws,” said Mr. Robb. “Boats will be turned around where necessary to demonstrate a clear resolve that illegal entries will not be accepted.”

The number of asylum seekers travelling to Australia decreased from 5561 in 2001 to less than 150 in 2007.

Mr. Robb said the data shows the Howard-era policies can solve the illegal-refugee entry problem.

But not all the people agree with using Pacific Solution to expelling refugees.

“Howard turned Australians’ unfamiliarity with refugees into fear by demonizing them as terrorists and criminals.” said Waleed Aly, Monash University Politics Lecturer.

The offshore processing in Nauru, Christmas and Manu Islands shows the government is controlling Australian’s safety. But Mr. Aly said this repressive policy is inhumane.

“We as a nation amongst the world nations,” Pamela Curr, ASRC Campaign Manager said, “have got a responsibility (to take care of the refugee), because we signed the refugee convention.”

Arnold Zable, refugee advocate said a better leadership and a bi-partisan approach is more effective than using the controversial Pacific Solution to deal with this illegal entries problem.


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